Alcohol Glass Types: Which To Choose

Have you ever seen a person ruin a good scotch by putting it in a cup of coffee? It’s all about the presentation when it comes to whiskey. We have seen renowned whiskeys disappoint us and we have also seen ho-hum Bourbons explode to life, all because of the glasses in which they are served. What are the best whiskey glasses?

Different types of glasses can make whiskey tasting different. We’ve listed 11 of the best whiskey glasses you can buy right now that rank 4.5 or more stars on Amazon.

Before you decide on the best whiskey glasses, here are some things to keep in mind.

The Best Whiskey Glasses

Appearance The glass’s design and composition have a significant impact on the whiskey contained in it. You should look at the overall quality of glassware as well as its physical properties like weight, girth, and grip. How does the cup feel in your hand? What does it look like on the shelf? These characteristics are essential for a great whiskey-drinking experience.

DrinkabilityDrinkability refers to the ease of drinking from the glass. It depends on the base weight, wall slope angle, and diameter of your brim. It’s not fun to have to tilt the glass so far that whiskey doesn’t reach your lips. This is not fun.

Nosing- The whiskey-drinking experience is incomplete without aroma and smell. Some people prefer a narrower mouth so that the liquor’s aroma hits them directly in the nostrils when they lift the glass. Some prefer a wider mouth to allow their spirit to breathe. This allows for the ethanol fumes and mellows whiskey’s overall flavor.

There are many types of whisky glasses that are popular

There are many basic types of whiskey glasses. There are several basic types of whiskey glasses. This is the most popular cocktail muddler. It is known for its straight walls and heavy base, which prevent it from breaking easily. The drinkability of this wine is excellent, however, the quality of its nosing is a little lacking.

The delicateSnifterIt is a tulip-shaped container with a narrow stem and a broader pedestal. It is primarily used for cordials. The narrow mouth, which accents the nose, makes it well-suited for sipping fine whiskeys or spirits.

AGlencairnThis whiskey glass is specially designed to maximize the three main aspects of glassware. It has a thin glass pedestal that allows the liquor to breathe and a wide mouth. The tulip shape directs the aroma into the nose when the glass is lifted from the mouth.

It doesn’t matter which type of whiskey you choose, it is important that your whiskey can move freely in the glass. Whiskey needs to breathe and relax, just like fine wine. The more whiskey is steamed and allowed to breathe, the better the flavor and the body will be.

Ice, water, or whiskey stones

Another thing: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a splash of water to your whiskey.

It is well-known that whiskey stones and the like can be viewed as a joke. They cool down the whiskey and don’t water it down. Yes. This is a good thing. Not at all.

Water will “open up”, as they say, any spirit. It allows the natural flavors to come through and blend with the body cooling it (the Ice). A whiskey stone, bullet or other frozen thingamajig will cool down the spirit but not alter its flavor. It may actually make whiskey taste harsher. Hard pass.

There’s nothing wrong with having several styles to match any occasion. These are 11 whiskey glasses whiskey enthusiasts love.

Best Glencairn Set – Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Elegance defined. There are many styles of whiskey glasses. However, the Scotch Whisky Association was the first to endorse the Glencairn. The traditional Scotch and Irish whiskey distilleries used the same nosing copitas to create the shape of the glasses.


Designed to enhance the aroma

Transparent, lead-free crystal


-Small Capacity –1.5-2 Ounces

-Slim base is not suitable for clumsy drinkers

Norlan Whiskey glass is the best double-walled glass

The Norlan, an innovative glass that captures whiskey’s complex flavors as well as aromatics and delivers them to the senses, is a unique design. The glass’s protrusion creates waves when whisky swirls, which increases the rate of oxidization as well as ethanol evaporation. This results in a smoother and more delicate aroma. The outer tumbler makes it easy to grasp and drink while also preventing whiskey from absorbing heat from your hands. It’s also made from handblown borosilicate (a.k.a. Pyrex is an excellent choice for keeping the temperature steady.


Designed for whiskey drinking

A social-friendly tumbler as well as a copita for whiskey lovers


-Fragile and delicate

-Comparatively expensive

Best Large Glass: BruMate NoS’R Stainless steel Whiskey Nosing glass

This isn’t a tin cup. The NOS’R is sleek, sophisticated, and elegant. It has 20 times more temperature retention than a glass tumbler. This reduces heat transfer and keeps your spirits cool. This is a great choice for outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, and beach trips.


Designed to enhance the spirit’s aroma

Double-walled stainless steel that is shatterproof and rust-resistant



Whiskey Peaks Premium Glasses: The Best Luxury Glass

This amazing collection of hand-blown glasses comes from Huckberry. It features topographic silhouettes of many mountains around America, including Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, Kilimanjaro and Everest. Prices may vary.


-Topographically accurate

This is the perfect gift for adventurers


-Lightweight, delicate, not dishwasher safe

-Made In China

The Best Old Fashioned Glass: Maketh, the Man Art Deco Whiskey tumblers

These space-age, Art Deco-inspired tumblers are a great choice for those who prefer whiskey to Don Draper or know someone who does. They are sturdy and resistant to shattering, and their 10-ounce capacity makes them great for cocktails.


Crystal without lead

-Comes with a beautiful gift box

Dishwasher safe


-Retro design isn’t for everybody

Marquis by Waterford Markham Old Fashioned glasses are the most expensive

Boss coming over for dinner? Father-in-law, perhaps? These stunning Waterford Crystal whiskey glasses will impress. The Marquis brand has a history that goes back to 18th-century Ireland. We won’t lie, but it’s Waterford’s most accessible line.


Made in Italy, this crystal is pure and lead-free Waterford.

-Great deal (60 percent off!)


-Delicate, fancy and not for the guys

Dishwasher safe

Kanars Everest Whiskey Glasses: Best Small Glass

These glasses are fun and quirky, but they’re not novelty glasses. These crystal glasses with a wide diameter and lead-free glass are perfect for showcasing the whiskey’s nose. Their contoured shape makes them great for passing out at parties.


-Great grip on thick walls

Heavy and durable; dishwasher safe


-Too heavy?

-Fun, cool, but definitely not fancy

Original BenShot Bullet glass with Real 0.308 Bullet is the best unique glass

This novelty glass is great for gun enthusiasts and hunters. There are many knock-offs available on Amazon with poor reviews–bullets breaking out, graphics that wash off–Original BenShot is rated five stars by all except one customer.


Made in Wisconsin by a father and son team

Safe to use at 100 percent; there is no gunpowder, casing or lead.


Only for gun lovers

Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses are the best for Bourbon Glass

Your drink will aerate when it is swirled and poured into the tilted glass. The 2-inch mouth is easy to hold and displays well, but may prove to be too small for people who prefer to use block ice. You can use it as a cordial or wine glass.


-Unique shape makes a great conversation piece

-Great for hot drinks

-Microwave and dishwasher safe


-Narrow, 2-inch mouth

This is not the best shape to drink whiskey.

The Right Place Old Fashioned Whiskey glass: Best Thick Base

This glass is perfect for the connoisseur who drinks straight whiskey. It doesn’t require fancy designs or gimmicks. These 10-ounce heavy base glasses, which weigh 10 oz., are dishwasher-safe and will not etch, cloud, or discolor. The box set includes four glasses and six granite chilling stones.



Stability: Heavy base

-Won’t etch, cloud, or dull


-Chilling rocks are included, regardless of whether you choose them. This increases the cost

-Might not be suitable for gifting

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