Android’s Best Free Fax Apps

To send or receive a fax, you no longer need a fax machine if you have a smartphone in your hand. With the growing trend of becoming paperless, numerous organizations have switched to online faxing. But how can that be done?
Android has changed the world, allowing the inconceivable to become a reality. You may send and receive faxes for a reasonable fee using your Android mobile. Learn about some life-saving apps that are simple to use and fit within your budget. Free mobile fax app for Android phones.

The Best Android Fax Apps

Our selection of the top 5 free fax apps for Android is based on user evaluations, features, and service quality.

1. CocoFax

CocoFax is a startup that provides an online fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes using their smartphones. All you have to do on your Android device is select the document you want to fax and scribble down the receiver’s fax number.

Furthermore, CocoFax respects your privacy and assures that your information remains entirely private during fax transmission. It uses data encryption technologies that are utilized by the greatest IT businesses in the world to protect consumers’ information.

The following are the methods for faxing on an Android phone with CocoFax:

Faxing using the online dashboard

CocoFax gives you the option to fax right from your Android smartphone’s web browser. Simply log in to your CocoFax account and use the faxing feature on your smartphone; it’s that easy!

Fax using an email client

Do you want to send a fax from your email client? If that’s the case, CocoFax is the platform for you. CocoFax’s email-to-fax feature allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your inbox.

Send a fax using the application

You may certainly access CocoFax on your Android device by downloading the CocoFax app from the Google Play Store. It not only makes sending faxes simple, but it also saves you time.

The following are some of the amazing features of the CocoFax application:

Solution that is safe

CocoFax is a HIPAA- and PHIPA-compliant faxing system with various layers of security. It facilitates the secure transmission of faxes from a mobile device, the web, or any other third-party program.

Select a Fax Number

CocoFax offers its users a free fax number of their choosing. Even if you already have a fax number from another service, you can transfer it to CocoFax with no downtime and take advantage of all of the other features.

Business and Enterprise Accounts for Teams

CocoFax allows you to have several fax numbers and an unlimited number of users. They do, in fact, provide centralized management for users, billing, and fax numbers for the purposes of fax archiving.

Documents are optimized

CocoFax uses their powerful image processing engine to optimize all of your documents, resulting in the transfer of the highest possible picture quality for readability to the receiver.

Faxing at a High Volume

You can also send 3,000 faxes each month using CocoFax, which can be increased to whatever volume your business demands. Indeed, their simultaneous fax technology ensures that faxes are sent as quickly as possible.

2. FaxFile

Actual Software Inc. created FaxFile, an Android fax application, with the goal of resolving your fax-related concerns and doing so efficiently on the Android platform. You may use the app to transmit faxes both locally and internationally.

You can also use this app to send many types of documents, but you must first purchase fax credits from the Google Play store. Because these credits are charged, you will be invoiced for each fax you send. The following are some of the app’s distinguishing features:

Faxes can be sent to a variety of overseas destinations, including the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Pdf, Jpg, Png, Doc, Docx, and other formats are all supported.

The faxes that were not delivered can be resend at no additional cost.

Images saved on your Android can easily be sent as faxes.

You may even send a fax to a saved contact or an entered number.

3. iFax 

iFax is one of the greatest fax apps for Android, with a ton of amazing features that let you send faxes right from your phone. This app, however, does not allow you to receive faxes. This software is for you if you want to send a fax without having to provide your username, personal information, or business information.

You’ll get a local fax number from the app, which you may use to transmit toll-free faxes. It’s also known as ‘iFax Scanner,’ because it allows you to take images of documents and fax them over the internet in no time. However, iFax fails to satisfy users because its UI is unstable and lacking in many features. Aside from that, their extensive range of features and enterprise-grade fax technology make them a popular choice. The following are some of iFax’s key features:

Fax quickly uploaded files from the device as well as online storage.

Using a fax scanner, change the background, lighten or darken the text to meet your demands.

Stay informed about the status of your fax transmission by receiving alerts.

Fax templates that are completely customized.

In the fax, you can easily include your logo and signature.

The program works with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online storage services.


If you have a good internet connection, you may absolutely try FAX.PLUS, which is a simple and fast program for sending faxes via Android. The fax number supplied can be used to receive faxes. You may easily send faxes from Gmail or any other email client using FAX.PLUS’ email to fax capability. This function is only available as part of a paid membership.

Furthermore, this cross-platform allows you to send faxes to people in your contacts list. Although the software is still in development, it is extremely simple to use and just takes a few minutes to send and receive faxes. Would you like to learn more about its features? Take a peek at the images below.

Use their built-in electronic signature technology to sign fax papers without printing them.

Send faxes to over 180 countries around the world.

They give you with a fax number that allows you to receive faxes from over 40 countries.

Border cropping, document identification, perspective correction, and other features of the scanner are included.

Send you a fax at a certain time and date.

5. Fax Burner

Networx’s Fax Burner is a decent fax program for Android phones. The software is one of the most logical and straightforward fax programs available, and it can be utilized to meet all of your faxing needs. This program is best suited for users who only need to send a fax once or twice due to its disposable fax number feature. The software, however, is not ideal for professionals and enterprises.

You can send up to four free fax pages each month with Fax Burner, after which you will be charged for each fax. The software does not use a lot of system resources and works well on Android 5.0 and newer devices. The catch is that you can only utilize their fax function within the United States and Canada right now. The following are some of the most important features of the Fax Burner Android app:

It enables you to send and receive faxes from your smartphone with ease.

Allows you to send four faxes per month and get around 25 free faxes.

Provides you with a secure and private working environment.

Everyone can use the program because of its user interface.

Which Fax App Should You Get for Your Android Phone?

Most individuals nowadays prefer to use internet fax services instead of bulky old-fashioned fax machines. You can even eliminate the expense and save time with the addition of free fax apps. However, not all applications are created equal, and you cannot fax your confidential documents using any app.

CocoFax lets you receive faxes directly in your app inbox, which isn’t possible with FaxFile or iFax. Finally, CocoFax is a customer-friendly app that is not only reliable. Their outstanding customer service distinguishes them from their competition. You don’t even need to keep your smartphone powered on all the time because they’ll take the fax for you when your phone goes off.


You have the freedom to select an app that meets your needs and requirements. We wanted to make you aware of the various Android fax service providers on the market so that you might add some options to your shopping cart. Before switching to an app, make sure to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages. We wish you the best of luck with your faxing endeavors.

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