Baseball Steroids are Illegal for a Reason

Baseball’s heinous usage of steroids…

Anabolic steroids are a man-made variant of the testosterone cypionate for sale hormone. Testosterone, in its natural state, promotes muscular growth. When it is taken with steroids, however, muscle mass and endurance are increased.

Athletes utilize it to try to get an advantage over their opponents. Mood swings, sadness, roid fury, violence, aggression, hair loss/growth, acne, liver damage, and the most serious of them…cancer are all adverse effects of steroids.

Steroids give you an immediate boost in muscle strength and endurance, but they also provide you a long-term boost in mental and physical health.

Baseball steroid use is illegal…and against the regulations of Major League Baseball. Yet, for the sake of fast stardom, some athletes today still use steroids. Steroid use in baseball is thought to lead to fame and fortune!!!…not exactly the proper mentality, if you ask me!

Due to the increase in strength and endurance that steroids bring, some people feel that using steroids in baseball will lead to improved hitting and running performance.

However, the negative effects of steroid use are obvious…STEROIDS WILL HARM YOU!

Despite widespread accusations of steroid use in baseball, there is no evidence that drugs were used to improve current records.

It’s easy to see how some players might have been drawn to the dark side of baseball steroid use. The strain of trying to be on top of your game must be enormous… But one thing is certain…STEROIDS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD!

The short-term effects of steroid use in baseball may appear appealing to some, but the long-term consequences speak for themselves…


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