Few Of The Greatest Roblox Games For Every Taste

You want to be free from all the hustle and bustle of life, and instead spend your vacation playing the best Roblox games. This summer, here are 10 Roblox games you shouldn’t miss.


JailBreak is one of the most popular Roblox games, with over 85,000 players. JailBreak is about two teams: the cops and robbers. The team that a player joins will determine the objective. You will need to escape prison to become a criminal if you are part of a team that consists of thieves and prisoners. As a policeman, you must watch for thieves escaping and arrest them.


SharkBite, an online Roblox multiplayer game, is where you will need to control a voracious shark. The shark will be in the water surrounded by ships. Different players will control these boats. The players controlling the boats must ensure that they survive and are not destroyed by sharks while they hunt them. The shark player must eliminate all boats in order to win.

Restaurant Tycoon II

You can’t overlook Restaurant Tycoon 2, which will require you to run your own restaurant. You will need to be able to prepare delicious international cuisines, and you must also treat your customers with respect. After all, they will pay you the most. You will need to employ workers from the beginning, take orders, prepare the food, and deliver it to the customer on time.

Adopt me!

Adopt Me is undoubtedly the most popular Roblox game. Adopt Me is a game where you take care of your pet or baby. You’ll need to transport your pet to school and to the doctor. Food and drink will also be provided. You will have the opportunity to interact with other players, start your own business and earn robucks that can be used to purchase more items.


You won’t be surprised to find Meepcity a game you know and have played. This game allows you to simulate real life through creating characters, interacting with friends and partners, as well as designing your house or clothes. This Roblox game has been viewed 7 billion times.


You are wrong if you think Piggy is a cute pig. Piggy is a horror-themed game that you can either play with one person or multiple players. You will need to complete tasks within a time limit while trying to escape the clutches of a possessed porcin in a large mansion. Piggy can find you in any corner, and will finish you off.

Work at a Pizza Place

You can learn how to work at a pizza place if you’ve always wanted to. You can choose to work as a waiter, delivery boy, or cook in this Roblox game. Whatever job you have, the most important thing is how fast and efficient you are at your job. The faster you can do your job, the better.

Theme Park Tycoon II

A Roblox game that you shouldn’t miss is the amusement park. Theme Park Tycoon 2 will require you to manage and build a variety of attractions, from the most spectacular like roller coasters to peaceful merry-go rounds. You can make a lot of money if you do it right.

Dungeon Quest

Dungeon Quest is a game where you have to be a pirate in order to plunder secret places and get interesting loot. It will be difficult because you will need to complete quests and raid dungeons as well as defend yourself against the enemy.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is the most simple of the 10 Roblox Sentinel games you should be playing this summer. You can choose to be a sheriff or a murderer. Or you can just be an innocent. This will determine how you act, depending on your type. You must be vigilant if you are a sheriff to capture the murderer. You must kill the innocent if you are a murderer. To survive, you must conceal if you’re innocent.

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