Hero Approach – SS Tier Heroes



General Approach

► Element of any top tier list structure.
► Location in front of a Sweeper for best results. Brutus’s 4th ability (Final Gasp) assures he survives more than many other frontliners, purchasing more hours to your Sweeper to build power. Due to surviving for a longer time, Brutus is much more likely to be able to cast his greatest, meaning that on average, Brutus outdamages most other frontliners also. His higher problems can enable a Sweeper to secure a speedy kill and obtain an energy advantage.
► Set strength-based and agility-based heroes behind Brutus as opposed to intelligence-based to take advantage of his 2nd ability (Roar), which increases actual physical problems undertaken by 3-4 foes. Power and agility heroes deal actual damage whilst intelligence heroes offer magic damage.
► Brutus’s 2nd skill (Roar) can make foes afflicted not able to dodged (after Lv.101), creating him excellent in opposition to agility-based heroes, particularly Kaz.

Counter-top Strategy

► Brutus’ best lack of strength are heroes who makes use of stuns on their 2nd assault. This is because Brutus uses his Roar after his 2nd strike. His roar can make up for longer than 50% of his harm output, consequently question it is a huge earn towards Brutus. Having the capacity to deny the roar transforms Brutus into an extremely lethal Physical burst open assistance hero into only a more difficult to eliminate Golus that offers over typical damage.

► Knowing that Brutus’ Roar is a 25/30/40/50Percent physical harm amplifier with 8 2nd length 12 second cooldown, it is very clear how interrupting it could easily negate most of Brutus’ Energy.

► Heroes who use interrupt Brutus Roar(from advisable to weakest): Ogi &gt Hogan &gt Thoran &gt Athalia &gt Skreg &gt Grovo (unreliable)

►Ogi is the very best counter to Brutus as a result of him getting lengthy length stuns to enhance his interrupt Brutus Roar. Not only does Ogi avoid Brutus from utilizing his roar, he also helps to keep Brutus surprised for a long duration(slam+toss) after AND slows his assault velocity after the toss. Additionally, since Brutus is forced away from Ogi’s backline through his toss, Brutus’ ultimate ability likewise have alot much less threat and harm as it will no longer success Ogi’s backline heroes. As a result Ogi counter-top Brutus’ Roar, Substantial Assault Harm and Best Ability, converting Brutus into a simple damage sponge with resistance. However this only will last till the early 50 % of Delayed game as Ogi maxes out at lvl 160.
► Fawkes:  is another fantastic counter-top to Brutus because of his Ultimate Capability which clears all Buffs from opponents. This can include Brutus’ Invincible status from his 4th talent. Nevertheless, he is much less reliable in PvP while he can end up using his Ultimate Ability way just before Brutus’ 4th skill is stimulated. Nevertheless, in modes where manual play is accessible, he is a highly effective and dependable counter-top provided that he survives.
In some PvE phases, Fawkes also attracts Brutus inside his coffin, preventing Brutus from attacking and attaining vitality for your early a part of struggle. A good way of question Brutus from using his greatest capacity. (However, Coffin fails to interrupt Roar)

► Nara:  is another powerful countertop to Brutus as her Ultimate capability undergoes shields and invincibility. Which CAN BE dependable in PvP as Nara will not activate the capacity agains’t enemies that are not listed below 40% HP. However, this can be a gamble for if Nara activates her greatest capacity before Brutus activates his inactive capability, Brutus will become invincible upon using lethal damage from Nara’s Greatest Capacity, negating its harm completely. For Nara’s ultimate capacity to counter-top Brutus, she must initially have Brutus trigger his inactive just before Nara activates her Best Ability as her Ultimate pierces invincibility but does not stop it.
► Labyrinth Relics:
– Deathly Take hold of:  Enemies with under 15% of the maximum HP are sent to an earlier serious by way of a deathly apparition. (Pierces Immune system)
– Dispelling Arrow: The relic that causes allies episodes to get a opportunity to remove buffs can also eliminate Brutus’ Talent 4 Immune system.


Saveas deals extremely high damage at the expense of his very own overall health. Despite this, he is also surprisingly long-lasting and can decimate foe teams if remaining alone.

Basic Technique

► Hide Saveas behind Brutus for maximum usefulness. Saveas takes full benefit from Brutus’s 2nd talent (Roar), whilst Brutus’s guaranteed survivability buys time for Saveas to develop vitality. Brutus’s greatest could also setup upcoming eliminates for Saveas to help keep resetting his best length.
► Khasos’s 4th ability (Rabid Desire) allows Saveas lifesteal to counterbalance the health expense in empowering Saveas’s autoattacks.
► As a result of Saveas’s high autoattack damage, buffing his assault speed is especially powerful, producing allies such as Numisu great, along with the Dura’s Eyes Artifact.

► +15 Crit Level: This buff awarded from the Union Buffs(Situated in Local library) is Saveas’ most robust early video game edge over all early activity problems sellers within the game. Make an effort to aquire the buff as soon as possible since it offers Saveas a strong stat that no other early game hero may have until middle of the to the conclusion of middle game, granting a strong advantage in PvP modes.

Guild Hunt Approach

DPS Survivalist:  Saveas has very high DPS and Surivability, makihg him a powerful yet extremely inexpensive hero to play in Guild Hunts. Together with his higher healing and damage productivity, Saveas requirements hardly any team support and may provide substantial damage productivity by outlasting other more team reliant damage sellers with his insufficient reliance on therapeutic from teammates. This combination of high DPS and Survivability makes him a fantastic Guild Hunt hero from Earlier-Middle game while he needs very little purchase to play Guild Hunt efficiently, hence getting a powerful edge against most Problems Merchants when you are effective at Guild Hunt a lot earlier and also at a reduced investment requirement.

Squandered Energy:  Just as with most DPS based problems sellers, Saveas fails to make use of the simple fact that Wrizz’ Best capacity restores your heroes’ Power to full on strike. It is because Saveas deals harm extra time, not in just one burst open. This makes him unable to make the most of Dual Ult Techniques thus his damage productivity can fall away as soon as burst open heroes benefits access to Dual Ult strategies with committed group assistance healing.


Tasi is an elusive management dependent assistance hero who possesses 2 manage expertise and teleports across the battlefield to mend allies and problems enemies.

Basic Technique

► Tasi’s 4th ability (Teleportation) actually entirely mitigates any problems she could have obtained from the assault which triggers her teleport. As a result her deceptively tanky.
► Tasi is a good choice in opposition to Silvina if she could make it through the primary damage of Silvina’s 3rd ability (Very first Blood), as she will quickly teleport away once the stun would wear away.
► Tasi is very great when coupled with Shemira his or her best abilities will usually activate at roughly the same time frame. Shemira’s ultimate (Tortured Souls) offers damage to all foes over 12 seconds, which provides a fairly long windows for this to line up with Tasi’s greatest (Slumber) and benefit from the 25-30% harm increase from Slumber.

S Tier Heroes


Nemora is really a purely defensive healer who makes up on her low damage output by leading to opponents to transform on the other person.

General Strategy

► If you find Nemora seated at complete overall health although her allies pass away, without having enough power to cast her greatest, you can consider placing Nemora as being a frontliner to increase her energy gain through taking damage. Preferably, place a melee Reservoir/Bruiser behind her who will get some of the foe focus away from her as Nemora might not make it through an entire-fledged assault.
► Nemora generally charms the closest opponent, so placement her accordingly hitting priority targets.


Lucius is actually a defensive frontliner who boasts substantial sturdiness and facilitates his crew by providing recovery and highly effective shields. However, he sacrifices nearly all offensive features for his effective defensive set.

Guild Hunt Strategy

► Lucius’s shielding and healing grant Survivalist status to his entire crew, creating him amazing in Guild Hunts despite the fact that his personal problems is quite low. Towards Soren, the shields from his ultimate may be used block Soren’s Appeal or ultimate damage.

► When used with Nemora, all dps are immortal against Wrizz whatsoever details in the game and just will get more effective when Nemora starts off offering shields herself, producing the duo effective in opposition to Soren’s Charms and High AoE Harm.


Lyca offers her allies the top palm at the beginning of struggle, but in trade her performance suffers in much longer battles.

Common Technique

► Lyca is better used with heroes that have solid manage capabilities, as her attack speed buff makes sure that her allies execute their first rotation faster compared to the foe. Because of this allies’ management capabilities will often interrupt the enemies’ very first capacity cast, granting her group a massive edge that may be snowballed to victory. Arden shines particularly because of his ability to disable 3 concentrates on at the same time, and therefore interrupt the very first ability of the 3 focuses on simultaneously.
► If put into place 4, Lyca’s ultimate will hit every foe

A Tier Heroes


Ira is actually a highly lethal burst harm dealership who’s lethality increases as the enemies’ numbers dwindle.

She is additionally the best mid activity Guild Hunt harm dealer in the game.

Basic Strategy

► Positioning:  Ira must be put at 3 or 5 to restriction the distribute of her ult. Although her greatest has worldwide variety, it highly prioritizes nearby foes so positioning her in the part will restrict her Ult distribute much more, permitting her to concentrate its dmg on near by foes.
► Frontline Centered:  All best dependent heroes needs a good frontline but Ira requirements it more for the similar cause she demands great positioning. This really is to restrict the spread out of her ult. If her opponents shut in on her, her ult will spread out much more, producing its lethality much less reliable. In addition, it could miss moving foes so try to make sure your tanks dont pass away during Ira’s ultimate.

► Union Buff Centered:  Ira significantly needs full Union Buff to be considered an A Tier hero as just before then, she is group reliant because of her lower pre-ult dmg, wavering about D or B tier dependant upon the situation and her group make up. However the Union Buff Solves her low pre-ult dmg as she gains access to an RNG dependent burst open, significantly using her crew dependence. Prior To The Union Buff, Brutus is nearly necessary to make Ira work as a solo bring as she will have a problem shredding the enemy frontline without Brutus providing damage at the same time. Another choice is always to play Belinda to grant Ira Crit Price to get a period. Otherwise, if neither can be obtained, it is far better to play a Defensive Crew and wait for Ira’s ultimate damage.

Right after the Union Buff, Ira is nearly nearly help self-sufficient. Recmmended supports nevertheless are: Lyca and Estrilda for Attack Speed and Energy Regen Buffs.


Mirael is actually a problems dealer who concentrate on high AoE burst harm and safeguarding her allies from magic harm.
Mirael is in addition proficient at closing the video game as her expertise turn out to be more powerful because the enemies’ amounts dwindle.

Mirael’s skills in addition have got naturally substantial %, producing her very effective at benefiting from the Strike Stat.


Khasos is actually a flexible hero picked primarily for his capability to assistance his allies by granting every one of them lifesteal, but he also does respectable AoE harm and will reservoir within a pinch.

Basic Approach

► Due to granting Maulers more lifesteal than other factions (after Lv.141), Khasos works best with some other Maulers, in particular those with strong and fast autoattacks.
► Khasos’s 3rd talent (Tossing Axe) damages heroes inside the backline and may assist Assassins create fast eliminates.


Hogan is really a properly-rounded container possessing substantial innate survivability and control skills.

Common Technique

► Very little to state really. With High Toughness and Stun consistency. Put him in front of your most powerful heroes and he’ll guard them pretty nicely.

► He’s Tanky if you want a single.


Golus is a highly resilient harm sponge who possesses some management capacity.

Guild Hunt Technique

► Back Transform with ultimate. Play on manual and don’t trigger his ult once again after the 1st time so he could keep Soren turned around. With some healing, Golus can easily endure until time expires.


Grezhul is a container who relies on his abilities to mitigate damage. He is strongest in opposition to intelligence-dependent heroes because of his capability to reduce miracle problems used for him along with his allies.

Common Technique

► Grezhul’s greatest ability (Reanimate) temporarily stuns foes inside a fairly big radius. He can typically stun three foes reliably as the gravestone spawns in between the frontline and backline, striking not just the frontliner nevertheless the two backliners behind too.
► The Skeletal warrior(s) spawned by Reanimate possess a slightly smaller assault variety than Grezhul. This means that they are going to divert attention from Grezhul a frontliner such as Brutus for instance will turn around and hit the skeletons rather. This means that the skeletons can absorb ultimate abilities such as Brutus’s Whirlwind.

Guild Hunt Strategy

► Best Back Convert Summoner

► Back Turn Strategy with Greatest. Summons 1-2 skeletons behind the boss.

► Synergy with Lucius to improve skeleton survivability.


Arden possesses unequaled control abilities at the expense of possessing low problem production.

Basic Approach

► Arden’s 2nd ability (Entangling Origins) includes a limited array it cannot strike enemies within the opposing area from Arden. Which means that an Arden in place 3 cannot basic an enemy in place 5, plus an Arden in position 5 cannot root an enemy in position 3. This is often useful as placing Arden in both position 3 or 5 boosts the odds he roots the target you most wish to turn off. All else being identical, the only circumstance where Arden needs to be positioned in position 4 is if you want to root both enemies at placement 3 and 5.

Counter-top Strategy

► 99.9% of Arden’s utility comes from his roots. Having the ability to interrupt Arden’s roots is the way one hard counters Arden. Although this can be easier said than done for Arden is actually a backline hero, significantly restricting the number of heroes who can carry out this simple countertop technique.

► At this time, there is just a few heroes that can reliably counter Arden’s origins which can be: Ogi, Arden and Nara Athalia Grovo(Untrustworthy). Beginning with the readily available, these heroes will likely be discussed under.

► Arden Mirror:
– A standard approach towards Control heroes would be to looking glass their hero selection and out speed all of them with increased motion velocity. The reason being movement pace enables your hero to reach its target starting placement more quickly, allowing it to start off its initially strike quicker.

Using a movement velocity benefit, it will be possible to cast Arden’s root sooner than the opponent. If you ever discover youself to be possessing equal motion pace since the enemy Arden, take into account equipping the Artifact, Dura’s phone which adds +10 motion pace. Although Arden will not reward greatly from your Power Regeneration element of this Artifact, having the ability to deny the foe Arden’s underlying might be the key to victory.

This is an specifically sneaky strategy as Mythic+ Footwear offer 10 motion pace baseline and improving it to [5 Stars] with faction benefit fails to add enough movement pace to out speed an enemy using a Dura’s Contact + [No Legend] Footwear, which grants or loans 20 complete movement speed. (5 Star Mythic+ Faction Shoes offers only 19.8 total motion velocity.)
Because of this you are going to ALWAYS defeat the foe Arden so long as they do not have the identical relic prepared, which is actually a very rare technique. Addiionally, at 4 superstars, Dura’s Phone grants 15 motion velocity, significantly widening your speed benefit.- Nevertheless, Arden + Lyca is a very common duo as Lyca substantially amplifies the pace in which Arden can cast his Origins. Lyca’s Haste Buff will usually outpace any hero regardless how substantial their activity speed benefit is. In this case, An Arden Mirror’s only option is to experience a Lyca oneself, whilst simultaneously implementing the technique mentioned above.

► Ogi:
– Ogi is certainly a highly effective and a reduced expense hero to experience with regards to interrupting Arden’s origins as Ogi have virtually no equipment needs in terms of interrupting Arden’s Roots. The reason being Arden and Ogi both cast their ability 2 concurrently but Arden’s Basic features a a lot slower cast time than Ogi’s Slam that Arden has no chance of avoiding Ogi’s stun, despite extreme movement velocity edge. This will make Ogi the cheapest counter to Arden in PvE and situationally, also in PvP. Whatever takes place, Ogi will invariably stun Arden every time he will make an effort to cast his Root as his or her expertise also share exactly the same cooldown.
– Additionally, Ogi’s stun is fast enough he even features a 100% rate of success at interrupting the basis of an Arden which is supported by a Lyca. A disadvantage however is that this only works well with Arden’s first stun. So when towards an Arden + Lyca, it is suggested to try out Ogi + Lyca to continue having a 100% stun level on all roots with Ogi once again.
An advantage Ogi has over an Arden looking glass is the fact that Ogi does not eliminate a backline slot from the team, letting you perform a different backline hero which is better optimized for the/enemy’s team.
► Nara Athalia:
– These 2 heroes counter-top Arden within a similar way. Place them at the placement directily infront of Arden to allow them to begin their stun locking mechanism entry against him. Arden’s strength comes from his 3-person underlying. Having the capacity to refuse it virtually helps make Arden worthless as his other abilities are weakened to compensate for your sheer strength of his roots. At the start of the battle, Athalia will plunge Arden and stun him multiple times. Within the very same fashion, Nara will pull Arden to her and stun him multiple times. Even when this doesn’t kill Arden, having the ability to significantly hold off his first basic has already been a massive win. A single issue nonetheless is that these heroes usually are not the easiest to get.
►Grovo:  his RNG shell slam can strike Arden during his basic cast, interrupting him between the slow-moving casting animation of his underlying. Nonetheless, if he so misses to interrupt Arden’s Underlying, he still has the possibility of Blocking a minimum of Arden’s 1st Basic as he starts off the battle having a Defend comparable to 50% of his wellness. Supposing that his shield is not cracked by then, and that he does not dive very far from Arden, he could reliably Obstruct a minimum of 1 underlying.

► Luscius:  can even be feasible because he occasionally casts down his defend concurrently as or earlier than Arden’s basic, allowing him to consider Arden’s underlying because it fails to crack Luscius’ defend stance (Luscius stance is uninterruptible).

► Shields:  Arden’s origins does not proceed through shields. So long as you avoid Arden’t insignificant preliminary ability damage which can be 70% from busting your defend, you will prevent his Underlying. This makes Thane a feasible option against Arden while he can tank 1 of Arden’s origins. Silvina being an even bigger threat as her Protect reaches the very least 40Percent stronger than Thane’s shield, granting her a much higher ability of Obstructing Arden’s Basic. Nevertheless, there are currently not too several heroes that acquire Shields early in the struggle. The sole ones that stay are Grovo, which was previously mentioned, and Warek, who may have built in Management Resistance so his shield element doesnt issue just as much.


Numisu is a special healer who buffs his most powerful ally and distracts foes together with his totems.

General Technique

► Numisu’s 4th talent (Fanaticism) offers a big strike velocity bonus, which improves in usefulness the stronger the ally’s autoattacks are. Finest focuses on consist of Saveas and Brutus, because of their passives that increase their autoattack problems: Saveas’s 2nd ability (Bloodied Spear) and Brutus’s 3rd talent (Brutal Defiance) respectively.
► Numisu’s best can be used as a simple burst open heal if triggered immediately after he uses his 2nd skill (Rejuvenating Totem) with an ally, as his ultimate leads to the totem to trigger again. Exactly the same reason relates to his 3rd skill (Offensive Totem) as well.

Guild Hunt Technique

► Totems can Back Convert. Nonetheless, Totems are vulnerable and they are the least dependable out of all Back Turn heroes. (May be fixed if a person utilizes Lucius with him however it can demand careful handbook perform)
► But despite the inconsistency, with Numisu’s strike velocity buff and healing, Numisu continues to be a strong contender for any Guild Hunt as a Back Transform hero with offensive and defensive helping abilities.

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