League of Legends: Tips and Tricks from Profile Reviews

It helps to learn from the best in order to be the best.

How it works

All you need to join the fun is 20 solo queue matches ranked and your profile link in our chat.

There is a first-come, first-serve system. If you arrive late, we have the option to reduce the line by donating 100 Bits through Twitch. You can also win a random lottery from the line that was left for the last review if you feel lucky.

1.Stick with what works

This is where Moriarty gets to the core of who you are as a player. What is your primary role? Is your main role a one-trick, or are you versatile and have many champions? What percentage of your games are ranked relative to other game modes?

2. Analyze your  GPI scores

While there are many streamers that provide reviews of profiles, Mobalytics offers a unique perspective because we have the exclusive angle to offer.
Are you able to balance your GPI in all areas or are there some areas that you excel in? What are the most important scores that you need to improve in order to make the greatest improvements?

3. How to identify what you should and can’t do better

Moriarty will give you homework and focus areas based on your strengths and limitations. Moriarty will make suggestions such as “focus your farming efforts in the early games”, “don’t ward alone with vision”, and “improve Your Dueling score from 50-70”.
That’s all! We recommend that you follow Mori’s recommendations once you have received your review. Then, you can return next week depending on how many games were played since your last review. Our VODs are automatically saved for two weeks if you have to miss the stream or need to leave before we reach your place.

It is worth checking out

While many people can look at their colleagues’ mistakes and failings, it is difficult to see your own. It is always beneficial to have another perspective, especially from a mentor or expert.

This can help you see the bigger picture and give you a deeper understanding of your GPI scores. While we try to make them understandable, Mori can help you to identify the reasons you are losing.

League is a constantly changing game. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the new buffs, nerfs and so forth. Moriarty can help you decide what is best to play in a patch. This is based on the league of legends tier list with recommendations for champion pools and builds.

Ten useful tips from our profile reviews
These are the “best of” suggestions that we see most often now that you have an understanding of how review streams work.

1. Keep it simple.

Keep at it if you are doing well with a champ! Many community members have champions that have high win rates but they are prone to switch to champions or experiment without any rhyme or reason. Playing your best champs will make you climb faster. If you feel bored or antsy, you can always play another champ in a different mode.

2. If something doesn’t work, don’t despair.

If you are unsure if a champ is right for you, 5-10 games will be a good starting point. It’s best to spend your time on another champion if you have a low win rate. Do not feel discouraged, even professional-players have strengths and weaknesses that make them more adept at certain play styles.

3. One death can make all the difference

Many players don’t realize the importance of one death. Perhaps they are used to dying so many times that it doesn’t seem like it matters. The fact that you can stay alive and make a difference in the game is something you might not realize until it’s over. Remember that your death will leave you without farm, experience, or other opportunities. To help you identify places where you might be negligent or unaware, keep an eye on them.

4. Be solid in your off-role

Keep your head down when you are auto-filled or must play an off-role. It doesn’t mean you have to carry everything. You can choose to be serviceable, not to look like a champion. You shouldn’t play Lee Sin if you aren’t a Jungler. Riven is not for you if you’re not a Top laner.

5.  Have a ranked mentality

You should assess your mental state before and after a ranked match to make sure you are in the right frame of mind. It is a bad idea to queue up in a solo queue if you are distracted by something IRL. This can adversely affect your play.

You might not be serious about competing or trying your best. If this is the case, you can play in normals and flex queue. You should keep a mental distinction between when you want play at your best and when to relax.

6. Take the tower

Lower elos players are less likely to recognize when they can capture a tower once they have won a fight. To open up more map and increase opportunities, take the turret if you have an advantage in numbers or strength. If you are a Jungler and succeed in ganking your bot lane, the tower should be prioritized over the Dragon, taking enemy camp, or any other. If you are a bot-lane duo, then take the turret. Then look for lane swapping top to put pressure on another.

7. Play to your strengths

Make sure you play to your champion’s strengths or that of your team comp. We see a lot of profiles that don’t understand how to best use the resources they have.

You should have high scores in your Initiative or Ganking if you are a strong early-game ganker. Early game Farming is not as important.

Split pushers should be able to farm and Duels well. It’s fine if they don’t participate in Teamfights.

You should definitely attend a session if you are unsure how to assess your performance based upon your champ and team comp.

8. Understanding aggression and pressure

A low Aggression score could indicate that you are a bully and don’t put pressure on yourself. You may also be so comfortable that you don’t want to take advantage of any opportunities or press for new ones.

A player who is determined to make an impact early in the game will be able make more by helping their teammates, so don’t give up on the early game.

9. Pings are the leader in this field

Learn how to use pings effectively to take control of the game. This will help you coordinate your team around goals, save lives, and identify key enemy targets. The person who pings first will be the one most likely to follow.

10. Replays for a specific purpose

Remember to use your time efficiently when watching replays. Do not just watch your games randomly, but do it with an intention.

Do you want to review a duel you just lost? Are you reviewing the deaths of your team members? Take a look at the timestamp and note what went well, what went wrong, then move on.

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