Makita 10″ Twin-Bevel Has Finally Hit The Saw Market

Initially you will see that the Makita 10″ Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is cordless, and possesses a reduced footprint than most miter saws. You will also observe that its rail process looks, nicely, different.

Right off the bat I am considering this saw is ideal for positioning over a operate table, up against a wall surface or perhaps in a crowded job site or how about inside a industrial hallway.

Fascinated to discover what this saw was about, we attached it on the Makita WSTo6 compact miter stand, and got it to your career website to gauge it.

Drive Engine

The Makita 10″ Twin-Bevel is the best compound miter saw that carries a immediate drive, smooth begin brushless motor.

Makita carries a very long historical past in straight travel motors. A direct drive motor is regarded as the effective exchange of power. It lacks the slippage of your buckle driven engine. It is typically associated with more accurate, reactive and successful cutting procedure. An electric braking system works well at preventing the blade swiftly.

The primary push equipment method (not belt-pushed) is a major advantages since it is a most-successful move of power from the motor towards the blade.

Initial perception

My initial effect while using Makita saw was how potent and clean it had been to use. The brushless electric motor produces approximately 4,400 RPM for fast and productive cutting, with automatic velocity modify technology to modify reducing velocity and torque less than stress.

The Makita miter saw has a special 2-metallic rail moving method design and style which offers an even glide-glide operation, in addition to a lowered total footprint that permits the saw being located flush against a wall.

Makita lessened the rails from four to 2, and elevated their size 20 Percent making a stronger, firm, plus more robust rail system. Inside of the slide-body are diagonal outlines of golf ball bearings and therefore are the secrets marinade to the sleek glide of the saw head.

We had been amazed, and think that it is really an effective style and another which we will likely be watching carefully, over time.

Laser beam Slashes

The Makita saw includes a change that works a laser beam on the LEFT area in the blade. The laser light is “dead precise,” and dazzling enough in many daylight problems. On the inside of a property its very vibrant.

Lasers are a humorous issue. Most building contractors don’t like them, since for several years, these were not reputable and finicky to modify. This laser light is none of these issues.

Note – the laser beam is surely an on/off attribute. There is absolutely no “auto close off” characteristic. It would continue to given that there are actually incurred battery packs within the resource. We still left the laser light on several times over night. I spoke to Makita and they claimed that the laser beam pulls minuscule power and is particularly no matter.

Miter Saw Regulates

Two words and phrases, “Up-Entrance!” Each of the Makita 10″ Twin-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw manages, like the bevel change, is up front. Makita recognized that the friends and rivals are gonna up-front side regulates – this is what end users are requesting.

Miter saw functions

In the past, dust particles assortment was not a focus for resource manufacturers. I have noticed that dirt plug-ins had been like Leds, resource producers threw them on a instrument to mention that they had the attribute. Dust plug-ins, like numerous LED’s, neither proved helpful nicely, neither are they successful.

Right now, that’s modified, and a lot of suppliers are forcing innovation toward it. This is certainly all motivated by customer demands and need. The craze, undoubtedly is always to make resources better at catching dust particles. We are seeing it now with silica dirt and also can value experiencing much less clutter to wash up at the end of the day.

In addition, when redecorating, an effective dust removal system is a good tactic to prevent dust particles from dispersing to other areas of the home. Everybody knows that dirt inevitably finds its way past the renovating location and settles on all horizontal surfaces and duct-work. So anything at all we are able to do in order to lessen that helps prevent further clear and makes us a lot more expert.

Makita recognizing this tendency for better dust particles extraction, proved helpful to boost their dirt collecting procedure. The Makita 10″ Twin-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw carries a twin-dock dust capturing system. This is shown through the two airborne dirt and dust pipes and big dust gathering oral cavity, powering the blade, with the foundation kitchen table.

When attached to a dirt extractor this saw catches wood dirt exceptionally effectively! During our runtime check we misplaced almost no dust on then saw and retail outlet floor. Almost all of it ended up being n the vacuum.

Run time

We employed the saw for the entire week generating cuts off and on for hours on end – there have been zero complications with runtime. Like every cord-less instrument, if you’re will be using this tool under large slicing demands, you will desire a additional pair of electric batteries to replace out and alternative asking.

We examined the saw from the store, exactly where we attained 130 reductions in 2 x 12 lumber. The saw blade arrived at a whole quit after each minimize. We got approximately 5 mere seconds to produce a minimize. Then we got approximately 5 mere seconds to reset the timber, and created another cut, for a overall of 10 reductions. We rested the saw 1-second every 10 reductions, up until the battery pack failed to make a full lower.

Something that we observed when examining battery determine and also the gasoline measure around the instrument is simply because they failed to correspond. the tool showed two cafes along with the battery power revealed 3.

Transform Technologies

The saw automatically detects denser materiel and can supply much more capability to match up the cutting program quickly. This function was added to greater match up the battery on the motor unit, all to offer much better performance for device runtime. There’s no need to operate total potential, if not required. By regulating the engine rate, the tool is WAY more effective on its battery usage.

This saw is light in weight and lightweight, it is 60 pounds. Makita managed to turn this a lightweight saw while still making it durable. Every one of the handles are sound and nicely done.

We like the saw go rail and saw mind hinge pivot locking mechanism. Both of them are springtime-load plus a A Lot Better design compared to a plastic material style knob. The safe-keeping secure around the saw is strong and held well. This lock fails to carry, while in transfer, on other saws I have applied.

We also enjoyed the perspective adjustment. As the angling the table foundation you are able to feel ad listen to just click because the saw smoothly, indexes through each angle.

There is no doubt that this saw created for pro service provider and competent to be used day-to-day, beneath tough conditions.

I’m a big proponent of resource suppliers preserving a program. Makita stayed within their 18-volt platform by designing this too l to work with two 18-volt batteries.

We used this saw over a whole home windowpane replacement. With this task we lower a number of resources. Obtaining the up-front side handles was definitely a nice function, I have always despised reaching associated with the saw to bevel it.

We discovered the forwards, slipping rail system easy, it reeks of top quality is easy – there was clearly no slop within the saw go. The frontward side rails also enabled us to keep the saw greater in our van and trailer.


There is not much to choose up with this miter saw. I actually do wish Makita would put in a lighting as well as a reduced electric battery [transform battery power] signal on the saw. There is certainly practically nothing worse than getting during a pricey money cut” and achieving the saw blade quit. Dewalt made their lighting to display when the electric batteries are receiving very low. Possibly they can use that method?

All of us commented that finding the laser for both sides of the blade would have been a useful function. The staff all commented which they would like a mild and also the laser light on a set off activation.

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